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Forest Fire Extinguishing Agent
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A unique solution for fighting forest fires around the world

Controlling forest fires with a safe solution

Finnish companies PPO-Elektroniikka Oy and Kiilto Oy have combined their expertise and developed
a fluorine and halogen-free fire-fighting chemical for extinguishing wildfires.

PPO® ForExt (patent P4954FI00) is mixed with water and applied to the outer edges of the fire area. This unique solution
has a flame-retardant effect: it puts out the fire and prevents it from spreading.

Kiilto has over 100 years of expertise in the chemical industry, and PPO-Elektroniikka has more than 30 years of experience in
fire extinguishing technology. Our know-how enables the development of this unique solution.

PPO® ForExt is not classified as dangerous for humans or the environment, according to chemical legislation
(CLP Regulation No 1272/2008 EC). The components are classified as non-hazardous under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy is responsible for developing application technology for PPO® ForExt, as well as marketing and sales;
Kiilto is responsible for manufacturing.

Professional firefighting

Extinguishing forest fires and wildfires is a very demanding task. The area can be hard-to-reach and dangerous, requiring a large team of fire professionals 24/7 to control and shut down the fire. The fire can last up to weeks. That is why we developed an extinguishing agent, PPO® ForExt, that is easy to apply and brings help to the fire area immediately.


Protecting home and garden

Wildfire structure losses have been increasing in the past years. Forest fires constantly destroy homes, businesses, and villages around the world. Therefore, innovative solutions are needed to protect people, animals, property, and nature. When a fire threatens residential areas, PPO® ForExt protects courtyards, properties, and gardens.

Hot work and Camping

Hot work generates flames, sparks, or heat. Before starting work, PPO® ForExt is mixed with a small amount of water and sprayed into the surrounding area – this procedure prevents sparks and fire from spreading to the environment. Similarly, Forext can be used around the campfire to ensure its extinguishment.

PPO® ForExt prevents the spread of fire

  • Flame-retardant
  • Fire suppressive
  • Prevents new fires
  • Mixes with water ( 1:100)
  • It can be spread to the outer edges or directly at the fire.
  • Application from any existing fire equipment into the area.
  • Also suitable for extinguishing small fires.


PPO® ForExt is a sustainable solution

  • SAVES human lives and those in the natural world
  • SAVES forests – the lungs of the world
  • SAVES wild animals and valuable vegetation
  • LESS morbidity and mortality
  • LESS damage to assets
  • According to chemical legislation, not classified as dangerous for humans or the environment.

– PPO® ForExt customer value proposition –

With the unique PPO® FOREXT forest fire-extinguishing solution, we provide a sustainable, scalable and affordable way to prevent the spread of fire. We save lives and protect nature and valuable property. PPO® FOREXT is safe to use according to the chemical legislation.

Timo Ohtonen, CEO, PPO-Elektroniikka Oy

PPO® ForExt has a flame-retardant effect: it puts out the fire and prevents it from spreading.


Elevating – Wildfires and climate change
Tackling the global threat

Climate change is now a real threat to human life and nature conservation. One of the main reasons for this are wildfires.

The more the global average temperature rises, the more wildfires will intensify, and vice versa.

According to scientific research, global forest fires emitted 33.9 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide between 2001 and 2022. That means approximately 5-8  % of global emissions yearly – huge impacts on the environment, atmosphere, and air quality. We lose millions of hectares of land and billions of dollars worth of property, not to mention human lives and thousands of different species of life. Fires will be more complex and longer-lasting in the coming years if they can not be controlled.

We cannot stop this phenomenon in the short term, but limiting catastrophic impacts is possible. That is what ForExt is all about. We offer a unique solution for fighting forest fires. 

A practical example of the impact of forest fires

About 20 million hectares are lost in wildfires yearly, and their average emissions are about 40 tonnes/hectare.

An ordinary family car (petrol/diesel) emits 0.15 kg/km * 20,000 km = 3 tonnes per year.

So, emissions per hectare correspond to almost the entire life cycle of car use: 40/3 = 13 years or 260,000 km.


PPO® ForExt in action

“Forest fires are the biggest contributor to fine-particulate emissions worldwide, and global warming is worsening. Using our green solution, we can quickly and cost-effectively stop forest fires.

Juha Rinne, Kiilto Oy, Customer Service Manager


Test case: Hay fire extinguishing test with the PPO® ForExt

We will now show, using dry hay, how the forest fire extinguishing agent PPO® ForExt works.
Before we lit the fire, we treated the right side of the hay with the ForExt-water mixture (1:100). The left side was left untreated. We ignited both sides with a burning object. The left side burned completely, but the fire did not spread to the area treated with ForExt.

Test case: Extinguishing a forest fire with PPO® ForExt/ Niinisalo, Finland

10 July 2023

We tested the functionality of the PPO® ForExt in the Niinisalo garrison, Finland. Thanks to the teams of the Rescue Services of Satakunta and Pori Brigade.

Half of the area was treated with pure water and half with ForExt/water mixture 1:100. The weather was dry and hot; it hadn’t rained in a few weeks. We waited half an hour before lighting the fire. The water had evaporated, so the fire advanced at full speed in the water-treated area. When the fire reached the area treated with the ForExt/water mixture, the fire was put out immediately.

Pictures from Niinisalo

The PPO® ForExt-water mixture was applied to the test area.
The fire spreads quickly in the untreated area. The weather was dry and hot, and water evaporated because of the heat.
The spread of fire stops at the edge of the treated area.

Videos from Niinisalo

Spraying the PPO® ForExt-water mixture on the test fire area.
 Ignition of a test forest fire to the test areas.
In the forest fire extinguishing test, fire spread in the test areas.
Forest fire extinguishing test result: The fire advanced at full speed in the water-treated area. When it reached the area treated with the PPO® ForExt/water mixture, it was put out immediately.

PPO® ForExt is environmentally friendly and fluorine-free. It does not cause damage to people, nature,
aquatic ecosystems or animals according to the chemical legislation.


PPO® ForExt

Kiilto and PPO-Elektroniikka – a strong Finnish family businesses
with over 145 years of experience

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy
Marketing and Sales

The company has produced tailored technology solutions to improve safety and minimize damage for 43 years. PPO-Elektroniikka Oy specializes in safety technology. We have been solving our customers’ technical challenges and problems since 1981.

Our production also includes the unique MEV® insulation level monitoring system that Monitors the electrical safety of operating rooms 24/7. The fifth-generation MEV®-8 system is already being exported to 24 countries.

Kiilto Oy

Kiilto is a growing Finnish family-owned company with over a hundred years of history. The company develops, manufactures, and markets chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial bonding, professional hygiene, and consumer goods. Kiilto develops environmentally friendly fire retardants, for example, for the wood, paper, and packaging industries.


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Export Sales

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